Livestreaming Case Study – The Queen’s Club


23 Oct Livestreaming Case Study – The Queen’s Club

In early 2014, we were approached by The Queen’s Club who were interested in exploring the possibility of using live streaming as a means of communicating with its 4000 odd members dotted around the globe.

By way of background, The Queen’s Club is a private members tennis club that is best known for hosting the Aegon Championships, the warm-up tournament for Wimbledon. The Club is owned by its members who live all over the world. Queen’s were looking for ways to help communicate with their member shareholders and turned to livestreaming as a solution.

We started by setting up Queen’s Club TV, a private livestreaming channel on the Club’s website. Once we were set up, it was onto the first gig, their 2014 AGM. We were set up in the prestigious President’s Room at the Club and the usual smuttering of members turned up to watch the live show. Once we went live with production we had members from all over the globe, including South Africa, USA and Brazil tuning in to watch the AGM. The beauty of live streaming lies not just in the fact that people around the world can tune in and participate live, but with the powerful facility to watch on demand once the event has passed.

Since launching their live-streaming channel, The Club has seen a marked increase in member participation, particularly with the integration of a live chat facility built into the livestream channel and has had thousands of views of its on demand videos. Here’s what one member said at the first show we delivered for them:

“At a Forum early last autumn I urged that the club use web streaming for its key meetings to enable everyone to have real time access to important decisions affecting all members. I’m impressed at the speed at which the club has implemented this facility. I followed today’s forum on my iPhone via 3G and was able to get a strong sense of participation for both the presentation and Q&As that followed. The streaming facility was professionally executed. This will have been a significant addition to those present in the Presidents Room and serves as a powerful example to the potential of this new medium. Streaming will undoubtedly become an important component enabling most Members to participate in key future communications and decisions. Well done Queens; an excellent ground-breaking first live stream”

Livestreaming now forms an important part of the Club’s corporate communication strategy and we have subsequently delivered a further 6 shows for them. Given the increased member participation and member feedback the Club has received, they are now looking to scale up the level of production for ongoing events.

This simple case study is a telling example of how a realively simple livestream setup can serve as a powerful means of corporate communications that facilitates instant and immersive global audience interaction. We look forward to the next one!

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