Webcasting: How to improve Corporate Communications?

live streaming corporate communications

23 Jun Webcasting: How to improve Corporate Communications?

How can corporate communications become more efficient and less costly? How can a corporate increase attendance to events and how do they create an engaging experience for their audience?

The answer is webcasting or live event streaming. Simply, webcasting is the process of broadcasting a video presentation to an online audience. Webcasting improves the traditional communication process by providing the tools to deliver an engaging presentation to a virtual audience member in the comfort of their home or office.

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Benefits of webcasting


Improved attendance & audience reach

Traditional events require attendees to travel from all ends of the world to attend a meeting. This is costly and inconvenient resulting in many people not attending important meetings. Webcasting solves this problem completely. Attendees can simply login to the embedded streaming channel from their desktop, tablet or mobile and take part in an event virtually from anywhere in the world. This means smaller venues for the organiser and more convenience for the user.


Once the event has ended a recording will be automatically embedded as a video which viewers can playback at their convenience. This is great for those who missed the show and enables the viewer to interact with the presentation and have their say after the live event has been concluded.


The presentation can include speaker bio’s, live polls & surveys, live questions and answers and provide downloadable content. This is great as it provides a rich content experience and enables the attendee to interact with the presentation.

Less costly

By implementing a webcasting solution, organisers and invited guests save money. Organisers can limit the number of people attending a meeting. They could also deliver an entire meeting virtually incurring no venue costs at all. As for the invited guests, they forego the hassle and cost of transport and accommodation in order to attend an actual event.

The process

Organisations need to identify how frequently they wish to use the service in order to determine the data streaming package that best suits them. Most streaming solutions such as the one from Bizzibox offer various affordable packages depending on the amount of webcasts that the organisation intends to broadcast.

Then the decision will need to be outsource or in-house. The delivery of a webcast is very easy to setup and deliver and most IT departments would be well placed to deliver their solution. Rent or buy one or a few cameras, plug them in and away you go.

However, if you have a special or once-off event then hiring a professional is a good option as the production level and imagery of the broadcast will be of high class standard.

Applications of Corporate Webcasting

The applications in which webcasting is suited is very broad. Below are some of the most common applications.

Investor Updates

In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, corporations need to keep their investors up-to-date on the direction of their business objectives and goals. As investors comes from all corners of the globe they can’t always afford to attend important corporate events such as an AGM due to the time constraints of international travel. Webcasting solves this problem whilst delivering a richer and more engaging experience.

Product Launches

Webcasting provides a perfect stage to engage a far reaching audience when launching a new product/service.

Training & employee communication

In a world where corporates often have multiple international offices, a video webcast is an engaging way to keep employees informed on the direction of the company or deliver valuable training.

Webcasting Features

The webcast platform has many interactive features designed to keep your audience engaged. Here a just a few.

Q&A, polls, surveys

These audience engagement tools allow your online audience to interact with the live presenters.

Ease of Use

The Bizzibox webcast platform is fully compatible with any modern desktop browser, smartphone and tablet allowing your audience to join from anywhere on any device.


A webcast platform provides the presenter with a host of useful information in order to analyse the success of a webcast such as the number of people that attended and their interaction with the presentation.

On-demand playback

A live webcast can be recorded for on-demand viewing after the event has concluded.

Fully Managed or Delivered In-house

Have a team of experienced event managers overseeing every aspect or deliver the solution via your in-house audio visual team.

Webcasting is a tool which all companies large and small should be considering for their organisations. It enables communication to be delivered in a more user friendly way whilst offering the viewer an opportunity to engage with the presentation.

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