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At Bizzibox Films we create cinematic films that deliver clear messages to inspire, persuade and convert.

Whether for web or TV, we manage the production process from concept to execution and are blessed with a team of creative and experienced film-makers with a genuine passion for what they do.



Tom heads up all things production at Bizzibox. An experienced DOP, Tom oversees all projects from concept to delivery and manages the team of producers and editors. Tom comes from a digital marketing background and is entrepreneur in his own right; he conceived and developed a video directory platform long before open source was around and has been instrumental in developing our live streaming solution. Tom is also an experienced camera operator and editor with natural creative flair and has particular expertise in live broadcast work. Outside the studio, Tom continues to pursue videography as a passion, is a keen sportsman and devout Springbok, a graphic designer and charity trustee and probably Apple’s most loyal customer. His dog Tinker is also a regular resident in the studio.


Production Director

George is a senior producer / DOP with over 20 years industry experience. Swiss born and fluent in 4 languages, George brings a wealth of production experience to the team. Prior to joining, George held positions as Director at JML Direct, Head of Production/DP at Tristar TV and Director/DP at Plural Entertainment. His achievements in the industry have not gone un-noticed – amongst other awards, George has won two student Emmies from the L.A Academy, 3 audience favourites from a variety of film festivals, Technical Achievement Award from Chicago Film Festival and Best Film and Best Director awards from the School of Visual Arts, New York. George has unrivalled experience of Adobe, Avid and Apple editing and is an accomplished camera/gimbal operator and motion graphics animator. Outside the studio George continues to pursue his passion for film; he has produced a full-length feature film and has recently released a new web series. George is also a cartoonist, writer and actor and is a self-confessed technology geek. He also loves his cat (almost as much as film).


Senior Producer / DOP

Jonty is a vastly experienced producer and director whose love for film was born in the days of VHS. Jonty graduated from the London International Film School and produced his full feature film called ‘The 13th Sign’ in 2001 which was distributed across the UK and Canada. Jonty has headed up operations in Cape Town with a particular focus on the corporate promos and high-end wedding films. More recently Jonty directed and produced a TV series called Frontier Vets - a reality TV show following a group of trainee vets working in the African bush. The series has now been sold to national TV channels across the globe. Outside of work, Jonty is a family man, married with 3 children and spends the spare time he has watching Star Wars. Married to a German, Jonty has his eye on expanding operations to Berlin so watch this space.


Director / Producer

Nic is an experienced marketing executive who has established and run successful business of his own, mainly across Southern Africa. Nic manages all our online and offline marketing initiatives and provides consultancy services on all marketing and strategy matters. Nic is fluent in all Adobe, Apple , Micosoft and WordPress web products and combines commercial nouse with creativity. Despite his digital marketing experience, Nic is also a natural when it comes to technology and is a capable vision mixer. Outside the office, Nic is always hatching a new business idea, is an avid Blue Bulls supporter and spends a lot of time pursuing business in Sub Saharan Africa.


Marketing Manager

In a creative industry, we need someone to manage the business and its people and Chris fulfills this role. A corporate lawyer with a City background by trade, Chris never leaves a stone left unturned. Chris is client focused and ensures that the commercial objectives of client projects are not overshadowed by creative ideas. Chris brings a logical approach to the execution of all projects and his attention to details makes sure that the high standards we set ourselves are maintained and budgets and deadlines are met. Chris also oversees all operational and commercial aspects of this business and has ambitious plans of where to take us. Away from the studio Chris is a business consultant and tech-start up adviser, speaks 4 languages, is a keen sportsman and is never too far from the pub or the shores of Cape Town.


Commercial Director

Mike is an experienced DOP and camera operator with formal training and technical pedigree to boot. Mike is a gifted cameraman with an impeccable eye for the killer shot. A born creative with an outstanding technical background makes Mike an exceptional cameraman and director. Mike’s pedigree as DOP has taken him around the globe and he has particular experience of live events – from royal weddings in the Middle East to international sports fixtures back on home turf. Mike is also an experienced Final Cut editor and motion graphics animator. Away from the studio, Mike is passionate about music and shoots and edits promotional videos for up and coming music bands. If he’s not shooting bands, he’s usually watching them and is a regular at Glastonbury. He also has a beard and all agencies need someone with a beard.



Simon is an experienced vision mixer and part of a family that have been working in broadcast for generations. Simon started working in broadcast with his father when he was 16 and has never turned back. A multi-tasker and technical wizard with a cool head, he ensures all live broadcasts run like clockwork. Simon is comfortable working in all environments from live to green screen to virtual studio. Simon also produces at many of the live broadcasts and can add editor to his list of skills so despite being an exceptionally skilled and experienced vision mixer, Simon brings much more to the table.


Vision Mixer

Alex is a hugely experienced UAV pilot and a self-confessed electronics and remote controlled fanatic. Alex started his love affair with all things remote controlled as a teenager racing RC cars and has a passion for all things electronic, complicated and gravity defying. Alex has unrivalled industry experience of aerial photography and videography, is now taking helicopter lessons and has started his fixed wing PPL. Alex is professionally trained, vastly experienced, is C.A.A licensed and BNUC registered. Although Alex likes to take on just about any aerial challenge, he always has an eye on safety and operates within the Euro USC Code of practice for good airmanship. If he’s not flying RC planes, helicopters, multi-rotors, full size planes or helicopters, you’ll find the crazy fool jumping out of them!


Drone Pilot

Tinker is our studio dog. Tinker has no film experience but provides moments of inspiration. Her skills include sleeping, digging and wearing human accessories.


Studio Dog
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