Aerial filming and aerial photography takes production to new heights.


In a fast-moving industry, retaining high production value is always at the top of our list. We have a range of drones at our disposal and will choose the appropriate craft(s) for each aerial filming shoot. We use heavy-lift drones as well as lighter crafts, custom built to whiz between those tighter spaces.

Sorts of applications

Schools & Universities

Providing a bird's eye view of your stunning grounds and modern facilities.

Hotels & Resorts

Showcase your hotel or resort at it's best with stunning aerial videography and photography.

Real Estate

The most powerful way to market your property, building or estate, inside and out.

Festivals & Concerts

Capture the moment from above for the killer crowd and location shots.


Reach those inaccessible locations for building, land or field surveying.

Golf Clubs

Hole by hole fly-by's and golf club promotional videos from 400 feet in the sky.

Accreditations & Safety

C.A.A Approved

Our pilots are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority to fly UAV's on a commercial basis.

EuroSC Compliant

We operate within the EuroSC code of safety for UAV flying.


Our pilots are certified by BNUC, the national UAV qualification examiner.

360 Gyro Stabilised

Our drones have built-in gyro stablised gimbals for a 360 degree panorama.

Fully Insured

For peace of mind, we are fully insured up to £5 million for public liability.

GPS Return Home

Our drones use GPS technology to return to home in case of emergency.

What Our Clients Say

“Absolutely Stunning”

Director of Marketing, Dean Close School

Take to the sky